What can massage assist with?

Health maintenance, stress management, sports or everyday life injury rehabilitation, pre and post-operative care, pregnancy, emotional and or psychological disorders, chronic pain. Increases blood and lymphatic circulation, assists in clearing of metabolic wastes, and may help remove excess fluid and swelling. Reduces tension related to muscular pain, speeds up recovery of muscles from exercise. Can reduce nerve irritation and pain, sciatica dysfunction, carpal tunnel syndrome (OOS or RSI), headaches and migraines.

I cannot see my booking online?

Your computer should remember your settings. If you are unable to see your bookings please see top of page and Login.
If this is unsuccessful please contact enquiry@releaseworks.co.nz.

How do I pay for my massage?

We have several ways you can pay:  cash, Eftpos or internet banking to:  ReleaseWorks Ltd BNZ 02-0214-0147788-000, your full name as Reference

How do I claim back with Marram?

Please email admin@releaseworks.co.nz with your receipt information and we can issue you a GST receipt.

Am I able to receive a massage if I am pregnant?

We are unable to provide massage for anyone who is within the first trimester of their pregnancy.  You are able to receive massage from 14 weeks onwards.

Do I have to remove my clothing during my massage session?

You may have your massage over clothing if you wish.  For table massage we do suggest removal of clothing to gain maximum results from the session.  But again this is your decision.

I cannot make my appointment, what should I do?

If you have booked online, please login and cancel.  If it is the day of your appointment you must contact your visiting therapist directly.  You may swap with a colleague or contact ReleaseWorks admin for other options.  enquiry@releaseworks.co.nz

I am not feeling well – am I able to still have my massage?

No.  Your body is already overloaded trying to heal itself, massage usually makes conditions worse.  Also you could pass on any bugs to your therapist and other staff members receiving a massage.

What is a client history form?

Client history form lets the therapist find out more about you and your ailment, aggravating factors, previous injuries, diagnosis and treatment.  A number of conditions can contribute to muscular problems; a previous whiplash injury, for example, could lead to headaches or dizziness.

What do you do with my client history form and notes?

Your notes are kept confidential and filed away by either your visiting therapist or ReleaseWorks admin staff.

What style massage does ReleaseWorks offer?

Our therapists are qualified in all areas of relaxation massage.  Some are qualified in further remedial, therapeutic, reiki or sports massage.  You will always be sent a therapist profile that will show what they specialise in.

Does ReleaseWorks have a clinic?

Yes. You can visit us at 10 Bishop Street, Greenbay, Auckland.  For bookings visit our Facebook page or email bookings@releaseworks.co.nz

Does ReleaseWorks do home visits?

We are unable to provide single appointments to your home, but we do have a service called ‘home pamper party’.  Requires a min of 4x one hour massages.  Click for more information or email enquiry@releaseworks.co.nz

How can I make a complaint?

Please contact admin@releaseworks.co.nz and we will be in touch to make sure proper health and safety procedure is taken.  You are also able to contact the Health and Disability Commissioner www.hdc.org.nz